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All starts at the Relais Borgo sul Mare

Our “widespread hospitality” comes from a love story

Ospitalità Diffusa Abruzzo

It’s only looking at the sea from the belvedere in Silvi Alta, that you’ll be able to understand how easily you could fall in love, here.

At the beginnings of the XX century, the alleys of this village have been the theatre of the love story between Bonantonio and Carmela, whose family refused the marriage. Thus, you know, Love always wins: stubbornly, the lovers managed to get married and built for their family the house that is Relais Borgo sul Mare, now. Today, their descendants still owns the Relais: it’s us.

Our father has been the first one who had the idea to make a lodge in the house. Joyfully, we get on this love story with Silvi Alta and with a slow and sustainable tourism.

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Hospitality spreads throughout the village’s homes

Day by day, we’ve been shaping our idea of a “widespread hospitality” throughout the village. It’s about the experience of living Silvi Alta, perched on its brick arches to save its inhabitants from pirates, inside the homes that silvaroli offer to tourists.

We chose to include rooms & breakfast solutions for different needs, but they all share something: they’re a part of the history of Silvi and of their owners. 

Time goes slowly here, staring at the waves of the Marine Protected Area Torre del Cerrano, in the nearby, from the belvedere of the village that still tells a lot of stories, and the old History.



Largo Della Porta - 64028 Silvi (TE)



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Largo Della Porta - 64028 Silvi (TE)